Minolta XD – review

Minolta XD film camera review. Minolta XD-7 and XD-11 are here too.

Period of production – 1977-1984.


This material about one of the famous cameras by Minolta is simple enough, based on my personal and little experience with the film photography, and doesn’t pretend to be a revelation – there are many other people who can tell about XD in hundreds of times more, you can see this amazing review of XD11 by Antony Hands for example. So, this particular article is mostly ‘blog’ than a ‘research’. There is a lot of data on the internet, so, if you need more – search for something like ‘Minolta XD’ and tons of materials will appear.

With thanks to Andrea Aprà for the verification of the facts and correcting information in the article

Firstly I want to repeat a few well-known facts about this camera, briefly.


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