Minolta Rokkor 45mm 1:2.8 TD – review

Minolta Rokkor TD 45mm 1:2.8 pancake engraved as “Minolta Rokkor-TD 1:2.8 f=45mm” lens review

  • Official classification: SR
  • Collector’s classification: AR C or AR II – depends on the opinion of collectors, there are no clear agreements (for me it seems that AR II is more correct but it is not very important thing to argue, both codes have chances to be used)

    The only pancake from Minolta. After this attempt, the company never produced lenses in this form factor again. No one voiced the reason officially, but given the rarity of pancakes among the products of other companies, there is nothing surprising in this.


    Minolta MD Rokkor 45mm 1:2.0 – review

    Minolta MD Rokkor 45mm 1:2.0 MD II – vintage manual lens test and review

    This lens was produced only in one incarnation – MD II version. It has no analogs before and after, and this case is quite rare for Minolta because usually, we can see product lines of the lenses with identical focal distances and apertures, like MC -> MD-I -> MD-II, etc. That’s why we have a right to call this lens as unique, so let’s see the abilities of one of the most famous pancakes in the world’s lens history in Minolta Rokkor MD 45mm 1:2.0 lens review.