Minolta MC Rokkor PG 58mm 1:1.2 – MC-X – review

Minolta MC Rokkor PG 58mm 1:1.2 (MC-X) engraved as “Minolta MC Rokkor-PG 1:1.2 f=58mm” lens review

  • Official classification: MC
  • Collector’s classification: MC-X

A very important introduction: by popular collector’s classification this lens has three main versions (MC I, MC II and MC-X), this review is for the latest version with a rubberized focus ring. The site already has a review of the second version (non-radioactive copy), and from the point of view of mechanics and optics, the difference between these two lenses is either absent or extremely insignificant. Therefore, I will use a lot of copy-paste from an earlier article.
However, all tests are original and made on the specific lens for which this review is written.
(A review of the earliest version will definitely be made in the future in order to completely close the topic of this lens model) (more…)