All about Minolta Camera – the book

The book “All about Minolta Camera” (or simply “MINOLTA”) is one of the most important materials for Minolta enthusiasts. I can even say that this is the true Gospel for MINOLTA collectors:

  • The full description of 277 lenses and tons of cameras.
  • A lot of historical details and enough special information.
  • The interviews of those who are linked with Minolta production.

Despite the importance of this book, I have never come across its electronic copy. Even just scanned pages. Yes, the book is from Japan – Minolta’s origin country, and never was translated/published in the outer world. So finally this problem is solved. Here is a fully scanned book, as well as its recognized version. You just have to copy the text of interest to your favorite translator. (Note: some Japanese texts especially in vertical layouts are need to be converted to horizontal layout for better translation result)

The OCR version / searchable PDF, optimized size for comfortable reading (33 Mb):

All about Minolta Camera book

Additionally: here is the scanned “All about Minolta Camera” book PDF version (223 Mb) – pictures only (not OCR) but high resolution if more details are needed like lens optical designs. (more…)