Minolta MC Rokkor QF 50mm 1:3.5 Macro vs MD 50mm 1:3.5 Macro – comparison

Minolta SR 50mm macro lenses comparison:

  • Minolta MC Macro Rokkor QF 50mm 1:3.5 (Hills&Valleys/Knurled, MCII)
  • Minolta MD Macro 50mm 1:3.5 (New-MD, MDIII)

This is yet another battle between the generations. But I want to say in advance – regardless of the test result, in macro photography, both the lenses fully cope with their tasks because of closed apertures in this style of photography. Differences can be found at an infinite distance, but it will not affect the choice of the photographer. (more…)

Minolta MD 50mm 1:1.2 vs MD 50mm 1:1.4 vs MD 50mm 1:1.7 vs MD 50mm 1:2.0 vs MD 50mm 1:3.5 – comparison

Minolta MD 50mm lenses comparison:

  • Minolta MD 50mm 1:1.2 MD III
  • Minolta MD 50mm 1:1.4 MD III
  • Minolta MD 50mm 1:1.7 MD III
  • Minolta MD 50mm 1:2.0 MD III
  • Minolta MD Macro 50mm 1:3.5 MD III

This is a battle without losers. All 50mm Minolta lenses are balanced in terms of technical capabilities and price. Therefore, this comparison was made rather out of curiosity, no matter what lens you take for photography – the result will be the best.