Chiyoko 85mm 1:2.8 vs Minolta MD 85mm f/2.0 – comparison

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Ciyoko 85mm 1:2.8 vs Minolta MD 85mm 1:2.0 – or, in other words – Super Rokkor and MD III – one of the first versus one of the best. Not a battle actually, better to call it friendly match. It is clear in advance that the more modern MD version will win but it isn’t a problem because these two lenses are absolutely different – mount, age, speed, materials, logo – everything is different, except for two points: both are Minolta and both are 85mm.

This comparison is correct only for conditions and equipment used for tests. Test results may differ if any element is changed

Tested lenses reviews:

Ciyoko 85mm 1:2.8 vs Minolta MD 85mm 1:2.0 long-distance – sharpness/resolution:

Test description

  • Camera Sony A7II (24mpx, full frame) – RAW (ARW), tripod, A-mode, ISO 100, WB fixed, SteadyShot OFF, manual focus correction for every shot
  • Targets (buildings) – fixed by gravity power on the distances in more than 200 meters
  • ARW post-processing – Capture One, default settings, 100% crops 300×200 px
  • Cropped corners and middles got an exposure correction (in RAW) to avoid an effect of vignetting

Scene preview


Test results

Ciyoko 85mm 1:2.8 vs Minolta MD 85mm 1:2.0 - Infinity

Final conclusion:

This comparison is created only for the demonstration of Chiyoko’s performance near the well known Minolta MD 85/2. Of course, a lens from the post-WWII period can’t beat the one of greatest performers produced by Minolta. The idea is not to say that Super Rokkor is bad – of course, MD has won in all aspects, but it would be nice is to show for what photographer should be ready if going to make a few masterpieces with an old-style lens.

Anyway, I’m still going to recommend this Super Rokkor because this is one of the most suitable lenses for portraiture – the drawing looks enough magic and can be used for many cases.

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Henrik Robeck · 2019-02-13 at 23:12

Great work as usual, not everyone appreciates how much work there is to do a comparison like this.
Thank you!

    Tony · 2019-02-14 at 10:41

    Thank you. It is a pleasure to work with so interesting lenses. You know it ))

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