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Minolta MD 85mm 1:2.0 two copies comparison (New-MD, MD III)

The description of a LensRomantic test is here. These comparisons are for collectors or tech-enthusiasts. Photographers may go directly to a lens review.

Minolta New-MD 85mm F2.0 is the well known and one of the famous 85mm lenses in the humans history.

The hull of Copy #1 displays a lot of signs of using, but surprisingly the optical part stayed like new. Anyway, I have to say that this lens was reassembled at least two times – firstly by one of the previous owners, and later by me with the purpose to remove the result of the first disassembling.

Copy #1 Copy #2
Serial: 8001103 8001063
Optical Condition: Near Mint Excellent
Mechanical Condition: Near Mint Excellent
Cosmetic Condition: Average Near Mint

This comparison is correct only for conditions and equipment used for tests. Test results can differ if any element is changed

Full lens review

Minolta MD 85mm 1:2.0 two copies comparison – long-distance resolution test

Testing methods description

  • Target: cityscape
  • Distance: > 200 meters to center focus point
  • Camera: Sony A7II (24mpx, full-frame, tripod, remote control). M-mode, ISO fixed, WB fixed, SteadyShot – OFF. The focus point is on the center only.
  • RAW processing: Capture One, default settings. All quality settings – 100%. Crops – 300×200 px

Scene preview

Minolta MD 85mm 1:2.0 – two copies comparison - scene preview

Test results

Minolta MD 85mm 1:2.0 – two copies comparison

Final conclusion

Independently of the huge difference in exterior, both lenses work like twins. Amazing result.


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