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Minolta MD 100mm 1:2.5 two copies comparison (New-MD, MD III or Plain MD design)

The description of a LensRomantic test is here. These comparisons are for collectors or tech-enthusiasts. Photographers may go directly to a lens review.

Minolta New-MD 100mm F2.5 is one of the best-balanced portrait lenses – the ideal combination of focal distance, aperture, and IQ with weight and size. It was forgotten for some period, but today the lens is becoming popular again, and it is harder and harder to find it.

Copy #1 Copy #2
Serial: 1104028 1103928
Optical Condition: Excellent Very Good
Mechanical Condition: Near Mint Near Mint
Cosmetic Condition: Very good Near Mint

This comparison is correct only for conditions and equipment used for tests. Test results can differ if any element is changed

Full lens review

Minolta MD 100mm 1:2.5 two copies comparison – long-distance resolution test

Testing methods description

  • Target: cityscape
  • Distance: > 200 meters to center focus point
  • Camera: Sony A7II (24mpx, full-frame, tripod, remote control). M-mode, ISO fixed, WB fixed, SteadyShot – OFF. The focus point is on the center only.
  • RAW processing: Capture One, default settings. All quality settings – 100%. Crops – 300×200 px

Scene preview

Minolta MD 100mm 1:2.5 two copies comparison - scene preview

Test results

Minolta MD 100mm 1:2.5 two copies comparison

Final conclusion

I do not see any differences in sharpness, which are worth mentioning.

There is just one note for F2.5 only: if to use a microscope, you may see slightly strange behavior. In the center, the sharpness is the same for both lenses. But at the same time, the first copy is slightly better in the middle, and the second is slightly better in the corners. But, as I said, I do not think that this can be noticed when photographing. BTW: such behavior isn’t often but can be seen with other lenses, I’ll mark it if find another pair.


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